Personal Information

Name: Selsig

Usual name: Dwayne Taurean Alvaro Maria

Christian name: Dwayne

Address: Drossaard

City: 4624 KA Bergen op Zoom

Country: The Netherlands

Phone: +316-18016588

Civil class: Single

Birthday: 29 Juli, 1984

Place of birth: Bergen op Zoom

Nationality: Dutch


Gertrudis college at Roosendaal

Graduated in: 2001

Field of study: MAVO

Chosen set of courses: Dutch, English, German, Mathematics, Natural sciences, Biology, Economics

Zoomvliet college at Roosendaal

Graduated in: 2006

Field of study: MBO - System Administator rank 4

Work experience

From December 1998 until May 2001 I was assistant network manager at Gertrudis college. Some of the activities: Maintain computers and install additional software for teachers and students.

From July 2002 until August 2002 I was re-stocker of the shelves at Albert Heijn.

From March 2004 until September 2004 I was employee of KB Computer Services. Some of the activities: assisting customers in store, maintain the computer of the customers and build new PC’s.

From February 2005 until September 2006 I was employee of PC Some of the activities: Helpdesk, assisting customers in store, maintain the computer of the customers and build new PC’s.

From October 2006 until now I am employee of IT-Workz. Here I have held various positions.

  • Until April 2008 I worked at the servicedesk. Here I helped the customer with the software on their PC. In addition, I also did various tasks regarding account management.

  • From April 2008 to December 2009 I worked on the design of the content of SharePoint 2003 and SharePoint 2007. I also participated in a migration from SharePoint 2003 to SharePoint 2007 using Quest Migration Manager. It was necessary that I was aware of the features in use on SharePoint 2003 and activated the necessary features in SharePoint 2007.

  • From December 2009 until now I work as a technical and functional manager of SharePoint. I help the customer to set up their intranet including creating lists, libraries and workflows. I also give advice on the technical design and I perform technical delivery, including the installation of Windows Server, SharePoint, SQL Server. I also keep SharePoint up-to-date by testing and installing patches and service packs, and I report any malfunctions to Microsoft Support. Customisations and solutions are tested by me before I apply them to the live environment. I have completed several migrations from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. For this I used the default upgrade paths that Microsoft provides.

There are several SharePoint farms installed that use different authentication methods, including: Classic authentication, claims-based authentication, TMG 2010 forms and ADFS authentication.

Additionally I automate common administrative tasks. I have published two scripts that I use on my server on Codeplex:


Various hardware components like computers, tablets/slates, telefoons, enz

Software for example:






HTML5 / PHP / MYSQL / Javascript / C# / WebForms / MVC / PowerShell

WordPress / Bootstrap


Rijbewijs: B





Command of language

Dutch: native

Engels: good

German: average

French: low