Who is Dwayne Selsig?

I’m an all-round IT-manager. I like tweaking my pc. I keep track of improvements in hard- en software and want to understand and implement them in my current setup. When asked, I recommend hardware to friends and family according to their needs.

I like to develop websites that can easily be managed. I mostly use PHP to write extra modules. This way, every asked functionality will be implemented. I also published my first android app on Google Play and recently also for Windows Phone. This app shows in-depth information about the carnival in Bergen op Zoom.

These abilities can also be used in a commercial environment. I’m able to translate the wishes of a customer to IT products and services that will comply to company policies. I’m able to suggest changes in policies to enhance the management of IT products to satisfy customers and managers even more.

Strong abilities

My strong abilities are: I can motivate colleagues. I can relate to the customer experience. This way I can adjust the service or product to their needs.

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